Saturday, November 19, 2016

MADURAI SEED Diwali & Vizhuthugal Alumni Meet

Celebrating Togetherness

Diwali: Lights, crackers, new dress, sweets. Madurai Seed alumni meet also joined on the list for the past few years. This Diwali again brought together our alumni on 28th October 2016 at Gandhi Museum, the day before actual Diwali. It is a great joy to see the happy faces of children, which draws us back to our own childhood. This year’s meet was planned in such a creative manner. There were groups divided with children and young people for each corner. The alumni went to each corner and had nice time speaking with children and young people.  

Registration: Here, the alumni were given welcomed and given beautiful cloth badge. Alumni has written their job profiles and contact details. 

Photo Booth: Alumni took photos behind a banner. The banner had a picture of big banyan tree with aerial roots, birds were flying towards the tree, what a perfect background. 

Lighting Diyas: Alumni lighted Diwali lamps. Children gave them a smiley badge, and Diya made of clay as Diwali gifts. 

Handprint Corner: Hands brushed with green colour, pressed down on paper. Here came the hand print. They have taken a photo with their handprint behind a wooden frame.  

Selfie & Mehndi: Alumni took a selfie with children and young people. The children drew mehndi designs on alumni’s hand. 

Slam Book Writing: Alumni had written their feelings on paper about how they are feeling today and how Madurai Seed supported them. 

Sweets Corner: Sweets, savouries, and tea provided to all.  

This year Ganeshbabu and P.Manikandan came with their spouse and kids. It is happy to see people who came to Madurai Seed as kids coming again with their own kids again. Karpaga Jothi participated with her husband. 

Muniyasamy, ArunKumar, Muthupandi, Magudapathi, Ramki, Balamurugan, Suresh Kannan, Priya, Parvathi, and Karpaga Selvi took part in the meeting. (O.Manikandan and Ganesh Kumar joined on the day of Diwali after the meet)

The alumni are working in various arenas of society like teachers, engineers, manager, research scholar, accountant, content writer, and other rewarding private jobs.     

32 people have given their subscriptions. (Rs. 3840)
9 people have donated. (Rs. 5130)

Ganesh Babu gave an emotional speech on how Karthik Anna and Seed helped him. He wrote 10th std exams as a private student (like home-schooling). Along with him many studied that year under the supervision and guidance of Karthik Anna and passed the exams with decent marks. He shared the supports rendered by Seed to finish 12th std successfully. He asked the current students and volunteers to make use of the resources, and guidance and wished them all the best.  

Finally, children and young people enthralled everyone with their non-stop dance performances. 

It is a beautiful moment and motivation for each alumnus, seeing, talking with Karthik Anna, Elavarasi Anni, Mansur Anna, volunteers, young people, and children.  

This event enhanced the relationship among the alumni and enabled them to discuss on various matters. The alumni reaffirmed to strengthen the bond between them and their alma mater. Hope, the next year the number of participants will increase and some of them may get to participate with their spouse and babies. 

I am concluding the report with “Together Everyone Achieves More” and we are here to celebrate that togetherness. Let our values and goals guide us; let friendship and kindness illuminate our paths. Thank you, everyone.                                                  - ArunKumar C

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