Saturday, November 19, 2016

Puduyugam Children's Magazine

26th Issue Release

Girl Children's Special 

Overwhelmed by the presence of eminent guests Prof. P.Sumedha, Prof. T D Ponmalar from Fatima College, Journalist Ms Indhu Loganathan, Tr. Ms Malathy, Dr Usha, Mrs Viji Muruges and Tr. Ms Mariammal, the launching ceremony of PuduYugam Journal release, sowed inspirational quotes in Children.

madurai seed

A short gist from the speech of our guests:
"Seek for Self-development" quoted by Ms Indhu,
"Let be independent, be strong, be loved" elucidated by Ms T D Ponmalar
"Let us give effect to the rights of women" discussed by Ms P. Sumedha"Nothing is impossible when you have courage" briefed by Dr Usha

They appreciated the excellent writings of girl children in the journal. Particularly, one of the guests marked that "Literature has love in itself, and #MaduraiSeed ians have the love for the literature!!" and added " It's happy to see the kids here at #MaduraiSeed are growing with contemplating art and literature thoughts. A kind of wish and dream come out in the form of words from the children like you shows your thirsts for creativity!!"

Children were enthused by their speech, driven to the fields of Journalism & Literature,Their talk instilled a strong attitude that nothing is elusive to achieve.
The gathering, journal launch, speech of guests and kids, ended with presenting gifts and taking selfies!!

Our sincere and heartfelt Thanks to all of you who made our 26th edition of Pudhuyugam a remarkable one!! Thanks & Best Wishes to you all!!

Written By Elavarasi Karthik

It was a very different and spectacular eve(s)ning yesterday at Madurai seed. Though we missed a few moments, in the beginning, the kids gave a rousing welcome and this warmth makes us emotionally charged every time we visit them.

Karthik had come out with the emphasis/theme of 'empowering the girl child' for this
year's edition of 'Puthuyugam'. It was a fitting tribute to this great movement or rather a 'phenomenon' happening not just in India, but around the world for a few decades.

The guests of honour were enthusiastic, energetic and vibrant. Their influence was
so strong that the meeting turned into a very informal gathering in a few minutes from its start.

Ms.Indu, a student reporter of Vikatan( a leading tamil magazine) was the first to speak. She struck a fine bonding with the audience and shared her experiences in her journey towards taking up journalism.

Then spoke Prof.Sumedha who articulated life of a typical indian female with her own experiences. Her interaction was simple, humourous but very influential. I am sure her message would have left a strong impact among the girl students. She ended with a very inspiring story.

Prof.Ponmalar was next to speak. She came out wonderfully with the practical difficulties that woman folks face especially when they travel alone/staying away from home... I felt she is one of the torch-bearers in this movement and will go places.

She was followed by Dr.Usha. I need to introspect and check myself if I even deserve to write about her....for me personally, Dr.Usha not only stole the evening but our hearts and minds.

Next was Viji's turn and she went on to emphasise male's role in this whole movement....true....., a clap is heard only when both hands come together.

Ela followed her with her experiences in life and went on to dedicate her success to Karthik.

Mariammal teacher recollected her association with her students and wished them success.

Indu's mother(sorry for not knowing her name) though was reluctant to talk initially, sprang a surprise with her crisp and focused talk. She is a great orator and it was heartening to know from her about 'Gender sensitisation' being implemented in corporation schools in Tamilnadu.

Karthik's consistency with conceptualising and organising events in such a meticulous manner amazes me. His team spirit and motivational force are the driving factors behind such achievements. I am so happy for Ela as she has been playing a phenomenal role in the activities of MS. I came to understand that it was Ela's effort to bring such a wonderful line of guests for this event. I wish them both and the 'Team Madurai seed' all the best and pray God that they all be blessed.

Written By Murugesan.K

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