Thursday, August 4, 2016

Annual Report 2015-2016

Dear Madurai Seed Friends and Supporters                                                                                                   
Vanakkam. Madurai Seed is rendering its services for the disadvantaged children and young people of Madurai for the past 17 years. This 17 years of journey was possible just because of you. We proudly present you our 9th annual report after the registration.

We strongly believe with education we can eradicate poverty. In 2015-16 Madurai Seed touched over 1000 children’s lives with our direct and indirect initiatives.

In 2015-16, in our education centers 34 finished 10th std, 30 finished 12th std, 4 young people got placements in the final semester, 3 are going to pursue post-graduation. 90% of these students are the first members in their families to study higher secondary and college education.

Madurai Seed’s role in educational and vocational guidance has a strong need in an area like Karumbalai for the higher education and college going aspirants.

The skills and personality development activities prepare them to encounter the larger society with much confidence. Lack of exposures, and resources shouldn’t be a problem for children and young people from a low income area for their development. They should also get equal opportunities. Yes, we are achieving that gradually. The growing number of higher education aspirants and their job profiles are the proofs.

Our unique functional style is “Children turning into Volunteers”. The children who grew up in Madurai Seed come forward to do any kind of work to support the organization as volunteers during their college life. They also form an alumni association as an extension when they go for jobs. We are proud, some of the alumni have turned as donors and do other resource works to support the organization. This culture will cherish further.

I thank Asha-Boston chapter, Friends of Madurai Seed, KFR School, donors, advisors, friends, fellow trustees, staff and volunteers for their great support in bringing up the children and the young people to live up to their dreams.Thanks for your continuous support and kind.

With love
Karthik Bharathi A.S.
Managing Trustee
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Read the full annual report in our website

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