Thursday, November 16, 2023



Children's Day Celebration

A series of informative and interesting event was planned to celebrate the joy of this day. Madurai Seed celebrated Children's day on Nov 14th evening. Firstly, little masters were welcomed with Children's day wishes and candies. Hands and feet hopscotch, paper plane launcher, and more fun games amused them in the entrance. They enjoyed playing again and again.

The hall was decorated with happy emojis and balloons.

The main program started by telling the importance of celebrating this day and the reasons behind it.

Volunteers gave PPT presentation on famous child prodigies belonging to different field. Children listened to their life stories and achievements. Few clips and videos of the youngest achievers were screened for children.

Children enjoyed happy childhood songs, then one of our volunteers Sathish taught them dance for English songs. All volunteers and children enjoyed this evening. Healthy peanut was provided for them for snacks.

Mesmerizing children's dance was followed by two short animated movies. Laughter filled the hall. How nice to let them be like today. Happy faces with no worries about tomorrow. A day for them is not enough, let us celebrate them everyday and every hour..

Food Festival @ Madurai Seed

Children celebrated the joy of cooking, and sharing food together!
They did magic with different recipes on 29th of Sept. Public.
Children from class 1 to class 12 become chefs to provide the best taste. They took individual roles in team to buy provision, cook, and organize stalls. With healthy competition between teams, they provide healthy recipes for the public to taste.

Each team was given money to buy provisions and they started preparing for food festival. At first, in teams they planned the expenses and profit with volunteers. Then they sketch out roles and responsibilities among themselves. In teams, they chopped vegetables, boiled, fried, stirred, mixed, poured, dipped and finally brought it for sale to the public along the Ea(s)t street of Karumbalai. In 25 stalls, 25 different recipes were arranged on table in front of MS office and centers. The street looked colorful with children and their parents filling their plates. The price of each recipe ranged from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10 and in two hours, all stalls sold.
Teams calculated the money invested and profit gained. The first three teams who won by making good profit were appreciated by the guests. Three guests were much impressed by the team work where in most of the teams, boys prepared food with no girls' help. They not only enjoy eating, now they enjoy cooking.
Here are some recipe for you! Mushroom soup, vegetable soup, Rasagula, spring potato, mojito, chicken momos, are just a few in 25 items in :
Stalls from class 1 to 12 = 12
Stalls of college goers =6
Stalls of Alumni = 2
Stalls of MS coordinators = 2
Stalls of parents = 2
Stall of trustee= 1
Wanna taste the fresh taste at Best price? Join MS...!

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Madurai Seed Education Centers

Education centres in Madurai Seed provides a peaceful learning environment for children. Volunteers’ support for helping them finish their homework, preparing them for term exams are possible only with proper study area. There are 3 education centres for children and 1 education centre for young people, and 1 library. Centre functions from 6 to 9 in the weekday evenings. On holidays, library and indoor activities are carried on in there from morning to evenings. With projectors, and audio – visual aids in one centre, movie screenings and meetings are held. Workshops, online classes, seminars are carried on often. Vandugal Arangam – multipurpose hall that holds 80 to 100 children at a time, Kanavugal arangam holds 60-80 children, Thedalgal arangam with library holds around 30-40 children.

Independence Day 2023

Madurai Seed was all set for the 77th Independence Day with beautiful decorations, and colourful presence of children and young people. One by one they arrived and pinned flag on shirts. Volunteer girls dressed in same colour and boy volunteers in white shirts gingered up the event. It was time to welcome our eminent chief guests Prof. Dr. E. Annamalai and his daughter Dr.Melliyal Annamalai from Asha Boston with handmade flower bouquets.

Usually at Madurai Seed, the national flag is hoisted by Children Federation leader.  In that way, Keerthana in 12th std , MSCF leader was welcomed and honoured with parade. She was introduced to the guests and invited to hoist the flag. With mindful of pride, Keerthana hoisted the flag. Salute and claps of students sowed peace and love in hearts.

Keerthana shared the Independence Day message, "On Every Independence Day, we and our country grow a year older. Like as we age, our thoughts, good deeds and character must grow higher. Religion, caste, and gender-based discrimination, are on the rise in the country. It is the children and youth of the future generations that we need to prepare against this. Let us take pledge and stand together." Along with Keerthana, students took pledge to contribute their best to the society they live in.

Our chief guest Dr. E. Annamalai spoke to the students, " I’m 80 years old and have seen a lot of progress and milestones in the country. You should also see better progress. Flag salutation is not flag worship, it is worship of our country’s principles of freedom, peace, equality and secularism." His presence made the day more memorable and special.

Trustees Elavarasi, Mansur Ali, Mariammal teacher, Alumni forum incharge Sathish Babu and MSYF president Pavithra were honoured with shawl and bouquets. Breakfast was provided for children and guests. The morning went so fast, but not the prior preparation. The day before, children and young people had long rehearsals to parade, welcome guests, and organize without disturbing the public. Karthik provided a mind map on it and volunteers brought it up. Lively celebration with Jeeva's commentary, Keerthana's speech and guests' message and wishes.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Scholarships for young people 2022

Scholarship program was held at Vandugal Arangam. We provided  scholarships to all the young people. 

Here are some details of our young people's courses:

Diploma in Hotel Management - First year - 1 Student
Undergraduate (History, Computer Applications, Economics) - First year - 3 
Undergraduate ( Commerce, Maths, Tamil) - Second year - 3
Undergraduate (English, Business Administration, Microbiology, Physical education) - Third year - 4 


Bachelor of Teacher Education - First year - 1
Master of Physical Education - First year - 1


Post graduate (Maths) - Second year - 1
Post graduate (Geography) - Second year -1


Competitive exam coaching - 2

Total number of benefited young people-  17 (Boys 7 + Girls 10) 
Among them, total number of young people going to government college - 10
Total number of young people going to Govt. aided colleges - 7
Total number of benefited families  - 14

Among 17,
Number of students going to college for the first time from their families - 12

All 17 young people come regularly to Madurai Seed to teach children. 
They are socially deprived and financially weak. They seek only education to come out of the poverty line. With all the kind support of Friends of Madurai Seed in Zurich, they received the Cheque for their college studies. 

Dear friends and donors, we convey our  many thanks to each one of you. Your generous support removes financial barriers and makes them shine through education. 


Monday, June 6, 2022




Vasantham Summer Camp

From 16.05.2022 to 31.05.2022

16 days        72 children              12 young people             6 groups


S. No




Traditional Trees

Mr. Karthikeyan


Children Magazines

Arun Kumar


Mobile Phone Etiquettes

Mr. Madhavan


Snakes – Facts, Dos and Don’ts

Mr. Vishwanath, Mr. Srini, Wish to Help Trust


Story Telling – Book Angel

Mrs. Poonkodi


Practical Sessions

S. No


Resource Persons


No oil, No boil Cooking

Mrs. Renuka


Science Toys

Mr. Sathya Manickam


Mobile Phone Short Films

Madurai Seed Volunteers


Thermacol Cutting Crafts




S. No




Theatre Games

Mr. Vadivel


Yoga, Meditation

Mrs. Radhika, Ms. Krishma, Ms. Abhaya



Mr. Marion



Ms. Ramya


Field Trips


Valaiyapatti Village

Meeting with Farmer Palani


Tamukkam Ground

Government Exhibition


Screening: The Way Home


Physical Work Day: Cleaning Education centres in and around & Library



Healthy Snacks: Every day, children were provided with healthy snacks like mango, banana, jackfruit, watermelon groundnut, cassava, corn, curd rice, biscuits, ice creams, etc.