Monday, June 6, 2022




Vasantham Summer Camp

From 16.05.2022 to 31.05.2022

16 days        72 children              12 young people             6 groups


S. No




Traditional Trees

Mr. Karthikeyan


Children Magazines

Arun Kumar


Mobile Phone Etiquettes

Mr. Madhavan


Snakes – Facts, Dos and Don’ts

Mr. Vishwanath, Mr. Srini, Wish to Help Trust


Story Telling – Book Angel

Mrs. Poonkodi


Practical Sessions

S. No


Resource Persons


No oil, No boil Cooking

Mrs. Renuka


Science Toys

Mr. Sathya Manickam


Mobile Phone Short Films

Madurai Seed Volunteers


Thermacol Cutting Crafts




S. No




Theatre Games

Mr. Vadivel


Yoga, Meditation

Mrs. Radhika, Ms. Krishma, Ms. Abhaya



Mr. Marion



Ms. Ramya


Field Trips


Valaiyapatti Village

Meeting with Farmer Palani


Tamukkam Ground

Government Exhibition


Screening: The Way Home


Physical Work Day: Cleaning Education centres in and around & Library



Healthy Snacks: Every day, children were provided with healthy snacks like mango, banana, jackfruit, watermelon groundnut, cassava, corn, curd rice, biscuits, ice creams, etc.


Friday, January 21, 2022

Madurai Seed - Margazhi Festival 2022

1. Arumbugal Arangam Inauguration on 29.12.2021
2. Margazhi Kolam - 30.12.2021
3. A Trip to Jain hills - 31.12.2021
4. Guest Speech - 01.01.2022

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Children's Day

 Cherish the Childhood...

madurai seed

Madurai Seed children are simple, and joyful. Their happiness circle around being together with friends at Madurai Seed.
On this day, we had some splashing and fun time for them.
Special days are meant for special wishes from special friends of Madurai Seed. Artists Ravi Kumar, and Ravi Palatte, Teachers Suresh Kathan and Thilaga Rajan, Mrs. Indhumathi, Short film maker Rambo Kumar wished children through video and audios. Children were happy seeing them on screen and cheered up loudly.
Artist Ravi sir and Ravi Kumar sir conveyed their wishes through their paintings about childhood.
Suresh Kathan sir sent his wishes in recorded video in which he said that "Children are the opportunity for us, hope for us, refuge for us, comfort for us, and medicine for us! They are the glimmer of hope for family, teachers and the community. They play a big role in measuring our inner self, and pounding our mind through their simple and honest questions".
Teacher Thilaga Rajan sir sent his wishes in his beautiful voice by singing a song for children.
Then a short film about a girl child and her volley ball directed by Rambo Kumar was screened. The film itself was a message and greeting from him for our children.
Some fun games and quizzes speeded up the joy inside the children and young people.
A photo session of each class giving different poses with their friends was the highlight of this day. In their Diwali attire, we could see how fresh and beautiful their childhood is. It doesn't care about the future or the past, but does enjoy the present of being happy together.
At last, everyone was given samosa. Also, a petty shop opened for them where they can take any snack they want. Potato chips, traditional peanut candy, cookies, chocolates, honey candies, banana chips, and many items kept in front of them. They had what they wanted..
Later, we had a meaningful time listening to an article about Chacha Nehru read by Karthik. The write ups showed the challenges faced by Nehru to reconstruct India during and after famine in 1870s through his tireless efforts by ending starvation. The young people in this session read along with Karthik and learned about the role of Nehru during that time.
At the end, snacks and photo session for young people brought their childhood back.
Keep the childhood alive in you always, no matter how old you are. Let's celebrate every child not only on this special day but every day.

madurai seed

Clay - Story trail - Madurai Seed

madurai seed

 Kumarshah and Patricia from Clay Movement talked to the children of the Vandugal, Vergal, and Kanavugal separately on 9th,10th, & 11th of November 2021. Drawing and colouring along with stories made the event very successful. For children of all ages, Kumar has known how to get along with them. Kumar is a traveller, story teller, and an artist.

The first day at the Vandugal Arangam was very lively. The curiosity of the children, the chitchats, mischief, and the excitement of the kids were truly amazing. Smiling, laughing, giggling children looked very beautiful. They talked moved freely with the resource person. Children asked Kumar to tell a ghost story. Kumar started to tell with actions, and ended that the story is a dream during his sleep. A boy in the middle is scared and said "Anna, tell us another story". Another girl added “this is not a scary story there are no ghosts”. The conversations developed very interestingly. Next the children were involved in story making. Kumar created a story along with children which involves a lion, a grandma, a snake, and a washing machine. Then papers, pens, and crayons were distributed among children.  The characters of the story were drawn and painted. The day ended colourfully as the joy and interest in drawing is more important than how neatly one draws.

The second day was for Vergal Arangam. The ghost story told on the first day came in a different form here, and the children enjoyed the climax of the story very much.  Kumar is known to capture the minds of children through stories. Stories bring adults closer to children. They sat in a circle and developed a story involving animals. Each person contributed a line for the story. They split the paper into four parts and drew the four scenes in the story. Kumar and Patricia assisted children in drawing, encouraged those who said we don’t know how to draw. Everyone came with nice drawings. Pictures were taken.

Third day was for Kanavugal Arangam who are adolescents. They also listened to stories but not ghost, animal, or fantasy story. It was the story of people, roads, nature and lands. It was the story of Kumarshah as a traveller. His talk was about what travelling teaches, how travelling fills the mind, how we can travel, and how vast the world around us is. Together with Kumar, Karthik Bharathi added about holistic education, how to look at the community, how to find learning in everything, how to link our studies in practical world, etc. Kumar Shah gave interesting answers to the children's questions. He told about his road trip in bicycle through many states of India which was very motivating. Then they drew a road map, marked important places and coloured them in.

Both stories and drawings both are very enjoyable for children. The resource persons linked the two in a joyful, creative manner. The children’s spirit was highly activated. This event was the first event, after the schools were opened after pandemic lockdown. It marked a special place in all of our hearts. Thanks to Kumarshah and Patricia.

Vizhuthugal Diwali – Alumni Meet 2021

madurai seed

Preparation work started one week earlier to the program. The program date was fixed as 31.10.2021, Sunday. People in charge were appointed to invite former students via phone and WhatsApp, to collect things, to purchase things, the location was fixed, the program agenda evolved gradually.

During the festivities our study centres become clean and beautiful. But, our office gets cluttered during big events. People pick up items, look for stationery, leave things. Diwali gifts, festive items, and children's toys were piled up in the office.

Alumni started arriving around 4 p.m. The reception was wonderful with flowers. The meeting was under a guava tree. Individual photos were taken against the backdrop of an old door frame. The tea party began. Mutual health inquiries and chats made the time pass very quick.

Men, women, and kids were separated at 5 p.m. The children were then separated from their parents for some time. They went to have joyful time with games. They were greeted by the big Mickey Mouse. An exciting hour for the kids with balls, swing, toy tent, colouring, rhymes. At the end, all the children were presented with piggybanks.

In a different area, Karthik Bharathi facilitated a discussion on simple lifestyle, the need to avoid materialistic greediness, saving schemes, medical and life insurance schemes. The alumni added their points to the discussion. After him Arun, Ramki, Surya, O. Mani shared their humorous and memorable incidents while studying here. Participants were given a book written by Nammazhvar, a cloth bag, and Diwali sweets.

In another centre, Renuka, a nutritional enthusiast and a mom shared her insights about nutrition and food habits. She talked about essential nutrition for children from simple, home-made, fresh ingredients. Mothers asked their questions and got clarified. Renuka took the seminar through pictures and experiences. Participants were given a pot and seeds.

The kids were handed over to their parents. We all gathered at Vandugal Arangam, where videos created by Vicky and Arun were screened. The videos comprised of Diwali and Alumni meet photos between the years 2007 to 2020. Everyone floated down memory lane. They were immersed in photos while talking and smiling.

When everyone came out for the Diwali celebration, a large Diwali banner stood blocking the street. The children were separated by class. In front of every class is a desk with Diyas. Each alumnus went to a class and lighted the lamp with them. The light of the lamps adorned the street. A child representing each class came to the stage and we lighted Diwali sparklers. Diwali was born to us on that day itself.

Students from “Priyakalalaya Natyalaya” gave an amazing Bharathanatyam performance. Three children stole the attention of all. The cheers of the people would have been a great inspiration to the little artists. It was the first time in Karumbalai that people were able to witness a classical dance like Bharathanatyam in their street. A dance performance by Madurai Seed Youth was also colourful.

We usually have one senior alumni or volunteer in our Diwali program. Unexpectedly senior member Solomon Raja (1999) attended. He also made a donation to the festival. The program was attended by 20 alumni and 140 children. Four alumni came with their wives and kids. Great fun for everyone. Dinner was provided to alumni and young people, and the children were provided with Diwali special Murukku and Athirasam. With applause and Diwali greetings, everyone said goodbye.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Tamil Linguist E.Annamalai took 12 sessions about languages. Prof.E.Annamalai is a visiting professor in many universities across the world. He was once the Director of Central Institute of Indian Languages, wrote many books on Tamil language and grammar. He is the father of our beloved Asha supporter Melliyal. It was the time when In Tamilnadu politics we had discussions about language guidelines in the new education policy of India and Hindi language imposition. His lessons gave our students a scientific approach towards language. He majorly concentrated on Tamil during the sessions, but also differentiated other languages like English when discussing grammar and quoted many world languages across the sessions. At the end of each session, students received homework and it was discussed in the next class. Students also were encouraged to ask questions during and after the sessions.




Origin of languages


Grammar is common for all


What is the purpose of grammar


What is a grammatical error


Language is a social agreement


Regulators of a language


Regulators of a language II


Three-layer structure of grammar


Language as visual character


Language and culture


Relationships between languages


Politics and languages



Independence Day

In Madurai Seed, national flag has been hoisted by elected children leaders on the Independence Day since 2003. Children federation election wasn’t conducted in this Corona time. Gopika, a student from 12th std hoisted the national flag and gave the Independence Day address on 15th August 2020. We prayed for the wellbeing of all in this difficult time. Young people and few children took part in this program. Everyone wore masks and followed social distance. Sweets were distributed to the public. The participants were given breakfast.